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Wed Aug 2 21:03:51 PDT 2006

                       emma up date when i went by after populis she wa
getting on with the snooze   i left her  the directory  and headed to my
den   grannie could use some house keeping help over at emma house     
emma hasn't felt good enough to keep up with the  boys  i know every cine
is trying to get ready  but we all know what it's  like to come  to a dirty
  i am going to try to fix the a/c in her car   when i drove it back to my
house iit was 104 when i drove i the drive way   it was 107 at the hospital

if you guys want to help me with the car it needs cleaning too and maybe it
won't be any more than just adding freon      later   one very tired wolfie 
j_greywolf at earthlink.net
to the kingdom and ,
the one from who all blessings flow

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>  for those that won't make populis   here is a news flash   i haven't had
time to get the news to our Herod  (ruddy owl)
>   emma is in hugley hosp. room 616      she  is having tests run  and is
under some meds to make her sleep   i have been up there for the last 24
hrs and am beat but I'll be at populis with Emma kids  (gotta keep the
bilge kids in line )      she would probably like a card or something     i
am going back  for a while tonight  but i don't think I'll stay     later
> J_greywolf at earthlink.net
> to the kingdom and ,
> the one from who all blessings flow
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