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I, too, remember those days, Mistress Willow.  I look forward to making your acquaintance--perhaps we can reminisce about the good old days of the Knowne World and beyond.
Mistress Caterina Fregoso, O.L.
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Many of you older people remember when interaction between 
peers/nobles and non-Peers/noble was more common. This was because the 
Lords and Ladies took the time to assist the newer and shyer people to 
interact. We spent more time teaching the courtesies so the people 
became comfortable with them and they were not a barrier. Of Course 
courtesies were more common in the everyday world in the 50's and 
60's. I remember when my mother wore a hat and gloves to go grocery 
shopping. For us older people the step from what we learned and what 
we did in the SCA was very small, but now there is a larger gap. We 
need to make the SCA user friendly and that means we need to get 
people to interact with people that can help them self actualize. 
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