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What a beautiful idea.
  I'm sure your letter will spark imaginations & get things started. I've got goosebumps just picturing such instances come to life.  
  Thank you, Duchess Willow de Wisp.
  (Please forgive me if my manners displease you in any way. I am new, and am not sure how to address a duchess.)
  protectorate of FalconRose Keep
"willowjonbardc at juno.com" <willowjonbardc at juno.com> wrote:
  Ways we learn

The SCA has always been a place to learn and show off our learning. 
Traditionally there has been two ways which this learning and sharing 
has taken place. The first has been the conventional form of classes, 
and contests. . The second way we have shared knowledge is by showing 
how arts and sciences were used in the Middle Ages by putting them 
into context of our Medieval World that we have created. You can write 
a paper on Beowulf and perform it at A&S or you can try telling it to 
a bunch of Norsemen around a fire. You can teach spinning in a 
contained classroom or you can sit in a tavern and spin. You can do 
Shakespeare at a contest with set judges or you can try to entertain 
people at a feast. One is very controlled and safe while the other 
means you could have old fruit throw at you.
At this time we have a healthy range of conventional classes and 
contests for about every form of arts and science. Almost every event 
is filled with this kind of teaching and learning venues. Because 
these activities take very little imagination and creativity and are 
understood by people familiar with the modern world they are the most 
commonly organized events. The other kind of teaching and activity 
isn’t as easy to arrange. Ideally it should feel spontaneous. Things 
should just happen. The problem is that these activities are not 
natural and they need planning. They need time to happen and 
situations that seem natural. They require many people working 
together and an organizer with a flair for the dramatic. 
There are many groups with study history and historical arts and 
sciences, but the SCA was the only group that studied these things 
with our “learning and doing” slant. We lose a part of our magic when 
we going away from that particular way of doing things. We need to 
think of ways we can bring this form of learning back into our system. 
I know it will be hard because we have gotten out of practice. Some of 
our ancient people remember how it was done and I am sure we can help. 
If you would be interested in trying organize some “learning by doing” 
activities I would be willing to help.

Duchess Willow de Wisp

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