[Loch-Ruadh] Dana's Lughnasad Advice

Dana sca004 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Aug 9 17:37:24 PDT 2006

Start drinking extra water now!!!
Drink lots of water at the event, don't wait until you are thirsty because
by then you are already dehydrated.
Coffee and alcohol are not good hydration drinks

Be kind to your feet, get a pedicure
NO new shoes for this event

Wear sunscreen on exposed body parts

Feast is very informal, bring throw away feast gear
An extra table if you have one and don't forget your chair
Remember Loch Ruadh people should eat last!!

Take breaks if possible
If you are getting over stressed go back to camp and vent
Please do not yell, scream or act ugly in any of the activity areas because
your actions do reflect on the group as a whole. If needed, find me, I've
been yelled at in the past and will be yelled at in the future and I don't
mind, if that is what you need to do. Trust me, taking your frustrations out
on someone WILL make you feel better.
Take a deep breath and exhale slowly...this only happens once a year and
next week someone will throw a party!!

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