[Loch-Ruadh] Vivat

Kathy dkv250 at sbcglobal.net
Sun Aug 13 17:15:51 PDT 2006

I won't go into the details of awards and specific thanks. I'll leave that pleasure to our able Autocrat. I do want to give my thanks to Brighid and Kaz for a job well done, Lord and Lady Elfsea for providing a humorous and thouroughly honoring court for the award winners of our event (we greatly appreciate you), Coordinators for working together through thick, thin, and schedule changes to provide a well presented event, the Populace for their hard work, support and flexibility, and our guests for honoring us with their presence.
  To Lord Grimvere and HL Dyan, you have our heartfelt thanks for providing Bardtown to enrich our version of this dream we play.
  To HL Vincenzo and Lady Nuala profuse thanks for designing and providing for us regalia and pass down gifts for our Titled Bard, and the scroll for our worthy Ember holders.
  To the individuals and groups who provide us with unstinting and continuous support and assistance, may you be blessed for your selfless acts.
  To the Grand Hoo Haa, thank you for allowing us to laugh, smile, blow off steam, and honor our own.
  To the recipients of diverse awards and honors ( I'm sure Brighid will announce your accomplishments soon) well done and richly deserved.
  Loch Ruadh has proven once again that we rock!

Seneschal, Loch Ruadh
Loch Ruadh Rocks! 

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