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Mon Aug 14 14:10:32 PDT 2006

We have at last returned to Lord Greywolfe's Keep after our far journeying.

Special thanks to the many members of the Shire who helped Wolfie pack and reload everything after the event......and helped tie it all down........and rechecked it...... and rechecked it again!   We pulled out on Hwy 19 and before we reached Hwy 67 the load began to shift.

Canton's Walmart and Tractor Supply didn't carry what we needed, so we crept into Tyler.  At their Walmart we found what we needed, but our Visa's were declined.  (Our own fault, because exhaustion affects the ability to think.) 

Luckily I have a dear friend who lives near Tyler.  She came riding, credit card in hand, to the rescue.  (We had that part taken care of by the time she arrived.)  We spent the night at her castle and resumed our journey this morning.  (I'm wearing her clothes because mine are still buried on the trailer.)

I'm going to sleep now for an extended period.

Wolfy has some suggestions for future packing gear.  No one wants to hear them until he's had some sleep.

Lughnasad Rocks!

Ldy Grainne

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