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If your efforts as Autocrat of this event are any indication, then I must say that your AoA is more than well deserved!  Thanks for everything.
Mistress Caterina Fregoso 
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  I would like to send my most heartfelt thanks to all of those people who 
helped make Lughnasad 2006 a success!! There is not a single person that makes 
an event happen. It requires the time, sweat, and dedication of many volunteers. 
Thank you to the Coordinators who all ran their individual areas so well! You 
are all amazing! A special thank you to the water bearers and the CIC for 
keeping us all healthy and well hydrated. Thank you to the populace for 
attending Lughnasad. It's not an event unless folks come on out! I sincerely 
hope that you all had a wonderful time!
  Thank you to Baron Armand and Baroness Ameline for once again presiding over 
our event! Your enduring support of the Shire of Loch Ruadh is very much 
  And a hearty thank you to all of the Shire of Loch Ruadh for supporting a 
frazzled newby autocrat!! Thanks Avin for taking care of me all weekend and 
making sure I ate and stayed hydrated! Thank you to Elizabeth for letting me 
bunk with you so I wouldn't have to worry about having a personal encampment to 
set up and take down. Thank you to Catrin for the wonderful, blissful, foot bath 
on Saturday night!! You spoiled me and it was wonderful!! A special thanks to 
Aingeal for answering my endless supply of questions, and for never losing 
patience with them or me! 
  I couldn't possibly list all of the people who deserve thanks here (it would 
turn into a book and I know I would miss some) but if you helped out with 
Lughnasad in any way, no matter how large or how small - please accept my 
deepest thanks and appreciation!
  Be on the lookout for the email coming out soon that will list all of the 
winners of the various activities at Lughnasad. Congratulations to all of the 
winners and many thanks to all who came out and competed in all of the different 
activities!! Your time and efforts are very much appreciated!!
  In Service,
  A Very Very Grateful Lady Brighid :-)

I'd rather laugh with the sinners then cry with the saints, the sinners have 
much more fun...
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