[Loch-Ruadh] black book

j_greywolf@earthlink.net j_greywolf at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 19 06:42:19 PDT 2006

       yar    it seems all this fancy English talk would be better served by  better   written words 
  us sea fairin types     have our own language   and do not  have anything to read while at sea 
    besides   we have many more languages to learn than just one  and  some of us are not English persons ( irish, asian,spanish, aribic), and many more    if it were not for the sea dogs  ( non officer types)   how would the ships move?      i know   we are not heard from very often   but we still are around     and some of us are curious  as to what all those words look like  not that we are against hearing the language   we would like ti see it written so we can better our selves 
                                                                             lord wolfie(cooksmate )   HMS  Seadrake
Lord j_greywolf at earthlink.net
to the kingdom and ,
the one from who all blessings flow

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