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We used what said "Catholic Bible" in Cathechism.  It also includes books like Macabees & Wisdom.  Here's a link showing a table comparing some different version:


who still has trouble at times reconciling being raised by a Catholic & a Baptist

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>Catholic schools use the KJV?  I thought that was only us ornery
>Protestants.  :)
>But the KJV and of course the works of Shakespeare are great examples of
>"speaking forsoothly".  Unless you want to go to Chaucer, in which case
>very few people will understand what you're saying, Middle English being
>pronounced somewhat differently, not to mention the spelling.  Come to
>think of it, that's a problem I seem to encounter in modern English.  Hmm.
>Nunc est bibendum.
>Politicians prefer unarmed peasants.
>Achrann wrote:
>> It's been a while since Catholic School, but that book and I have pretty
>much said all we have to say to each other.  And if it even has the
>audacity to smolder just the tiniest bit when I pick it up....
>>   :)
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