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Sat Aug 19 22:27:38 PDT 2006

You went to Catholic School too, Lady Eithne?
  I went to Sacred Heart & Notre Dame Academy, both Catholic schools.
  Notr Dame made us study all religions, and pointed out the similarities of all of them, so that we could see that all people were of the same cloth, no matter how they were raised - and we more closely focused on all versions of the bible, political & personal reasons for deviations noted. I don't think the nuns believed anything was true - they may have had some bitterness in being at the bottom of the food chain of the church while the priests and brothers had it quite a bit more cushy - but I appreciated the fact that every tenant of Catholicism was up for debate.
  I took a year of Olde English in order to study Beowulf in it's original form, and had several clases on Chaucer & Shakespeare, but like all the other languages I took, I had trouble remembering since noone around me was speaking them on a daily basis. I really liked the way the Known World Handbook simplified it all - I thought maybe I would have an easier time remembering the few simple rules it had if I kept a copy in my pocket & practiced all the time. I am not the wordsmith you are Padraig - besides, I keep looking at what you wrote & thinking it would be easier to just say "practice, practice, practice!"
  Padraig wrote:
            Nay, verily, it should not fash thee unduly.  For, look you, 'tis not 
so hard a task as't might yet be imagined, but indeed does take some small
practice to well accomplish


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