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Well said, m'lord!

Ldy Grainne

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> I doubt not that 'twould be easier indeed to merely utter the words 
> "practice, practice, pactice".  But if milady would'st allow, wherein
> the rhyme, the very dance of language, in those simply repeated words? 
> though it pains me o'ermuch to differ with thee, yet differ I must.
> Padraig
> (Who not only kissed the Blarney Stone, but chipped off a piece to carry
> his pouch)
> Achrann wrote:
> >  Padraig:
> >  I took a year of Olde English in order to study Beowulf in it's
> > form, and had several clases on Chaucer & Shakespeare, but like all the 
> > other languages I took, I had trouble remembering since noone around me 
> > was speaking them on a daily basis. I really liked the way the Known
> > Handbook simplified it all - I thought maybe I would have an easier
> > remembering the few simple rules it had if I kept a copy in my pocket & 
> > practiced all the time. I am not the wordsmith you are Padraig -
> > I keep looking at what you wrote & thinking it would be easier to just
> > "practice, practice, practice!"
> >
> >  Padraig wrote:
> >            Nay, verily, it should not fash thee unduly.  For, look you, 
> > 'tis not
> > so hard a task as't might yet be imagined, but indeed does take some
> > practice to well accomplish
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