[Loch-Ruadh] Gothic War Plans

Terry Sikes tdsikes at prodigy.net
Mon Aug 21 20:05:28 PDT 2006

Right now I'm planning on bringing the van, so I have some extra room to haul a few items if you need.  Tables fit in real well.

Aingeal <clan_mac at charter.net> wrote:
If your name and tent size is not on here let me know if you will be 
with the group. Spaces will be on First come First serve.
Janie was volunteered by Kaz and Myself to provide bread pudding for 
breakfast. I suggested peach & apple.
As far as dinners I am not sure.
I can bring the coffee pots. We need to figure out what pavilion to use as 
a kitchen and
arrange to spread out the gear. Maybe the House Mac 12 X 12?

There are 30 people who have spoke up so far for Gothic.

Alric can you bring your stove?
A kitchen pavillon?
About 6 Tables?
Caerell & I can carry 2 tables. Are there are other volunteers?

Eoghan & Janie 10 X 18
Terrance 12 X 12
Rolf & Sybil 10 X 20
Bear & Brighid 10 X 17
Dad ?????
Polydore & Friends 18 X 15 (Sluggy & Padraig)
Cathal & Jock 10 X 20
Alric & Fiona 10 X 20
Kaz & Family 10 X 20
Ken & Karl pop-up
Caerell & Aingeal 10 X 20
Elmer ??????

Tom, Floria & Rose 
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