[Loch-Ruadh] Gothic Dinners and Stifling Kaz

Cat fem_cat at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 24 13:17:22 PDT 2006

In response to Kaz:

"I hatest thou all."

My Dearest brother Kaz

News of thy hatred of all in my beloved Shire hast
reached mine ears and I must entreat thee, cast off
these harsh words! Embrace those who would do no harm
to thee. For these are a good and kind people. Brave
of heart.. strong of mind.. heavy of hand!. I pray
thee, let not thine small heart and bawbling mind
blacken thy days. Rather, rejoice in the knowledge
that thou hast many friends who, despite thy many
failings, hold you dear in heart.

Nay! Do not cast thy ill wills to those who seek to
call thee friend, rather, endeavor to be worthy of
such friendships offered. For thou hast many a
shortcoming (in both mind and body), and to cast off
such kindnesses 'twould be like piercing thine own
foot with an arrow.

I will hold thee in my heart with hope.

With a Sister’s Love,

Lady Katheryn, The Black Hearted

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