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can do thank to you all      wolfie

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> They probably hold up for wood very well, either. The metal they are 
> made is is quite soft.
> Kathy wrote:
> >Stamps usually only last throuh 1 set of token stampings, but I'm sure
whomever might have the one your talking about could let you know. We would
need to know specifically which one you're talking about, since it's a bit
different each year. maybe you could bring the token you're referring to,
to populace.
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> >"j_greywolf at earthlink.net" <j_greywolf at earthlink.net> wrote:
> >  does any one know if the flaming rock stamp we used 2 0r so years ago
for our site token still exest i have some small boxes i want to use it on
when ever will some one please contact me off list when they have time i
would like to have it before christmas wolfie
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