[Loch-Ruadh] Scarlet Letter Submissions

Achrann normaljeanne at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 28 11:52:07 PDT 2006

Alright, mister.
  This is my very, very first filk - I've never written a song before ever. 
  But to make you stop begging & whining, I wrote it in the 2hrs since your email -despite grumpy, wet patrons at the library who kept asking me to help them (how dare they?). 
  Don't Be Uptight; Loch Ruadh's Allllright (tune "On Broadway")
  They say Loch Ruadh is a rowdy bunch in the SCA.
  They say there's always mayhem in the air.
       But when you're new, they take you in.
       And treat you like you're fondest kin.
  Oh, Loch Ruadh makes you feel like you're somewhere.
  (OR: Just look out for Lord Kaz - he'll pull your hair.)
  There's lots of rules on how to play, in the SCA.
  And looking at them could give you the blues.
      -How can you act? What can you say?
      -Some brass hats want you to go away.
  (But Ol' Loch Ruadh will help you find some shoes. (Just Kidding!))
  But in this, Loch Ruadh has some cheerful news.
  Loch Ruadh's a bit unusual in the SCA.
  They care not you wear, or what you say.
      They only hope you try your best.
      (And after camping, get lots of rest. (Just Kidding))
      And thumb your nose at all the rest.
  Loch Ruadh is full of love and laughs for the SCA.
  Loch Ruadh's just full of love & laughs...
  (And sometimes there's a Booty Trap...)
  (Now can I be your Apprentice?)

Loch Ruadh Chronicler <lrchronicler at yahoo.com> wrote:
  Despite my impassioned pleas for input by last
Saturday, to date I have received submissions for the
newsletter only from Catrin, Gruffydd and Vivian (and
many thanks and much praise to them).

Nothing happened at Lughnasad that you felt was
praiseworthy? No news that you wish to share? No
knowledge to impart to the masses?

I want to get this issue ready to go before heading
out for Gothic this weekend, and so far it's looking
like a pretty slim edition.

If you have anything for the Scarlet Letter, please
please get it to me immediately.

In Service,
Acting Chronicler

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