[Loch-Ruadh] Gulf War LandTrip #1

Clint Gallon cgallon at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 13:01:45 PDT 2006


Its getting about that time where we need to start thinking about scheduling
our first trip out to the Gulf War Land.

Here is the schedule from now until the end of the year:

*Sep *
9-10 Weisenfeuer Baronial (OKC, OK)
16-17 Open
23-24 Elfsea Defender (Dallas)
30-1 Crown Tournament (Killeen)
7-8 Open
14-15 Namron Protectorate (Norman, OK)
21-22 Open
28-29 Loch Ruadh Bardic (I think)
*Nov *
4-5 3 Kings (Rosenfeld)
11-12 Open
18-19 Autumn Melees
25-26 Thanksgiving weekend
*Dec *
2-3 DFT Yule Revel
9-10 Open
16-17 Open
23-24 Christmas
30-31 New Years

I think we should shoot for the weekend of either Oct 28-29 or Nov 11-12.
for the first trip. That gives us plenty of time (6 weeks) to get over to
Kaz's place and do the prep work for the trip. I would lean a little more
towards the Oct date because I know everyone wants to attend both Melee
events in november. And if my memory serves me correctly Oct 21-22 is Bear
and Sarah's wedding.  Also I think we should split the people who are going
into 2 groups. 1 pickup truck per trip probably 4 people. That way the cost
of gas is deferred between 4 and you only have to go once this year. Another
4 (not those who go on Trip #1) will go sometime in Feb to finish the gate,
cut the grass, and plant more grass seed.

I'll defer to Kaz to pick a deputy (someone in charge of the trip) to go on
the trip he does not go on. I'm sure that Kaz will need a volunteer so if
you would like to be that person speak up.

As soon as we confirm a date amongst ourselves I will get into contact with
the people in Mississippi to ensure we are expected.

Cathal Finn O'Briain
Voluntary Gulf War Land Coordinator
Shire of Loch Ruadh (Loch Ruadh Rocks!)
Stellar Kingdom of Ansteorra

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