[Loch-Ruadh] Atenveldt Investiture

PAMALA CARSON pamala.carson at msn.com
Wed Sep 13 11:34:23 PDT 2006

Greetings Good Gentles!

My sister did not add the details but I felt the need to at least explain 
the lovely garb I am wearing and so include this little story, please 
forgive the length!

The Story of Barony of Twin Moons Hawaiian Court night and Lola:

Lola and Hawaiian court night
As told by Owen Blakshepe

Lola is the reward, or punishment, depending on how you want to look at
it, for winning the best costume at Hawaiian court night. Hawaiian court
night came about because of Master Mark who, one July court night,
arrived in a Hawaiian shirt. Baron Mathghamhain immediately decided that
we should have a Hawaiian court night for the month of August. In
preparation for that night, everyone was to find the gaudiest Hawaiian
print fabric and made period garb out of it. It was a good way to have
fun during the hottest and most humid month in the desert.

Lola is a coconut doll, which is the "appropriate punishment" for
winning. It was kept in a prominent shelf by the winner for a year, or
at least that's where it would be when the baron and baroness would
visit. Melisend de Chartres was the first recipient of Lola. Wenefred of
Hay on Wye earned it the year afterwards.

A piece of the winning garb was added to Lola by each winner. She has her
own island now. She also has fins. Those parts were added by Faund when
she won Lola (who later became Queen of the Outlands). She came dressed
as a mermaid and had to be carried by Conner, since she had no legs.

As evidenced by the photos you will see that I did indeed fit the 
description of "gaudiest Hawaiian
print fabric"  Being an outgoing and happy individual I thought that Lola 
should be allowed to travel to other events and Baronies, hence the Baroness 
suggesting that the Atenveldt Investiture was the best place to start that 
off, and I should attend in the garb that won the honor and stand in court 
as her Lady in Waiting...  Of course it also helped that Baroness Isabel was 
aware that our dear brother, Sir Roger, would be the herald in attendance 
for Their Majesties that day, and that perhaps we could pull a good laugh 
out from doing that...

so that is it, that is the story of how I am in the glow in the dark viking 
attire holding a strange looking coconut doll so proudly.

Thank you for your patience as I explained, I will allow Lady Katheryn to 
explain how she ended up making a 3 day "Day Trip" to Phoenix.


Lady Linnett Marie de Ryes
Barony of Twin Moons
Kingdom of Atenveldt

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