[Loch-Ruadh] Chantel's surgery

Jacklyn Crisp jcrisp415 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 22 11:30:28 PDT 2006

See has my prayers, I have had one in the past and
they are not any fun at all.  Tell her we are thinking
of her and mentally sending her strength to go through

--- Polydore <polydore at ntbb.net> wrote:

> She will be in my thoughts and prayers as well. Tell
> her we are all 
> pulling for her!
> PP!
> Terry Sikes wrote:
> >Please keep Chantel in your thoughts and prayers. 
> Since her surgery on Monday she has had some
> numbness in her right leg and they will be doing a
> myelogram (spelling!) this morning to see what the
> problem is.  Her neurologist thinks the problem is
> swelling from the surgery, and may subside, but the
> myelogram this morning is dye injection along her
> spinal column to see if any nerves are being pinched
> or pressured as a result of the surgery.  There is
> also a possibility that one of the screws broke. 
> The test today will determine if any of the above
> are the case.
> >   
> >  The myelogram is painful and she will have to lie
> completely motionless for about 24 hrs.  Please
> continue to hope and pray for her as you can.
> >   
> >  Terrence
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