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Unto the populace and friends of Elfsea, do we send our greetings,

We want to thank the autocrats of Defender, Arcus Fearghus MacKenna and Lady
Tereysa di Sorrano, for rising to the many challenges that confronted
Defender this year. From the near 11th hour notice that our planned (Canton)
site was mistakenly double booked, to the early morning showers that delayed
the schedule, Fearghus and Tereysa stewarded the event with grace and honor.
They found us a lovely and convenient site, and dealt with many unexpected
difficulties quickly and quietly. There were many, many gentles who rendered
assistance and we thank you one and all. Master Caelin's amazing sideboard
(worthy to billed as a full fledged feast) was marvelous. We know he and
most of his crew sacrificed their entire day (and many hours before the
event in preparation), so the rest of us could feast so well. We also wish
to thank Her Grace, Duchess Willow and all of the ladies at the Ladies
Pavilion for their support of the fighters, ourselves and Elfsea as a whole
and for adding such grace and beauty to the day. We were delighted to
welcome Baroness Allessandra who made the long journey from the Mid Realm to
visit Elfsea on this special day. From the CIC, to the List Mistresses,
marshals to water bearers, Gate volunteers and setup/tear down crews,
heralds and sponsors of side competitions. Vivat to you, one and all.

For all our competitors, we were well pleased with your presentations during
the procession and quite impressed with the chivalry and honor displayed
upon the field. We greatly appreciated the accommodations made that allowed
us to see the first rounds of every list. Pausing between rounds and last
minute changes to the fighting formats can certainly be disconcerting. In
the end, Elfsea's Defenders emerged as:

Lord Martino Giovanni Arciere - Archery Defender 
Don Ingve of York - Rapier Defender 
Sir Romanius Scipio Vesperanius - Chivalric Defender

Congratulations Gentlemen!

Unto our outgoing Defenders, Jarl Timo, Don Edward Mercer and Lord Arthur
Blackmoon, our sincere thanks for serving twice as long as expected. 

Our youth competitors were exceptional this year, some even competed in the
adult lists and prooved to be serious contenders in some cases. (We saw
Fearguson out shoot his father, Arcus Fearghus, the Central Regional Archery
Marshal, in the first bout of the bear pit. Fearguson went on to hold the
line as long as the rules would allow (3 successive victories) against
worthy adult competitors, more than once and eventually finished 3rd in the
list. Well done, indeed. Gavin the Younger also performed marvelously,
besting more than half the field with a 5th place finish. In the actual
youth archery competitions, the champions were Daniel de Niallagain (Ages
6-9), Fergusson (Ages 10-13) and Anika of Falcon Rose (Ages 14-15) In the
youth boffer competition it was young Xander (sp), son of our good cousins,
Lord and Lady Steppes, who took the youth title amidst formidable
competition. His demeanor and courtesy was noble indeed. And Jacqueline of
Rosenfeld, our youth rapier champion, tested her mettle against many of
Ansteorra's finest. Facing off with, among others, Don Miguel and Don Ingve
and then mortally wounding Don Edward Mercer in her title fight. Most

In evening court, we were well pleased with the courtesy and respect shown.
Courtesy to one's fellow patrons, who were able to actually hear the court's
proceedings. VIVAT! for you all. A fine example for future courts. An
accounting of the awards bestowed in court includes:

Aislyn of Glynwyrd Fen - Sable Thistle for Costuming

Anika Der Grat of FalconRose - Rising Star of Ansteorra 

Domhnall Dubh O'Ruairc - Star of Merit 

Elspeth de Stervlen - Portcullis 

Gavin the Younger - Rising Star of Ansteorra 

Genovefa Concepta de Chiaramonte - Sable Crane 

Luciana Caterina di Boniface - Award of Arms 

Maggie MacPherson - Sable Thistle for Embroidery 

Martino Giovanni Arciere - Award of Arms 

Rixende de Rouen - Sable Thistle for Heraldic Display 

Tereysa di Sorrano - Sable Thistle for Illumination 

Tomas Nialagain: Order of the Azure Keystone

Also, two awards that had previously been read into law, but the receipients
had not received their scrolls (charters), were found in court:

Alexander Marcellus - Sable Falcon - (from Ulsted II's reign, awarded at

Constance Culverne - Award of Arms - (from Lughnasad this year, and wow, can
Loch Ruadh keep a secret :-)

We were also pleased to allow Their Excellencies Steppes a moment in court
to briefly re-open a long closed award from Steppes early history, the
Treads of Steppes, to include Lady Isobel (sp?) who was a worthy contributor
to Steppes early years. In all, a very, very satisfying and gratifying
Elfsea Defender! 

VIVAT Elfsea!

In the service of kingdom and crown, we remain, 
Armand & Ameline
Baron & Baroness of Elfsea
Nec Hostium Timete Nec Amicum Recusate
Fear No Enemy, Deny No Friend

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