[Loch-Ruadh] Chantel out of hospital

Dana sca004 at sbcglobal.net
Thu Sep 28 04:55:59 PDT 2006

Looking forward to seeing Chantel with a pain free smile in the near future.
Sending super healing thoughts her way.


Terrence wrote:
Chantel got out of the hospital yesterday evening and is now home.  She is
resting as well as she can, even though she can't stay in one position for
more than about 15 minutes.  She still has a minor amount of numbness in her
leg, but that is slowly going away and can move her leg more than twice as
far as she could yesterday morning.  She is using a walker to get around.

  Thank you to everyone who prayed and sent well wishes!  I am hoping the
fusions will knit well and this will eliminate, or mostly reduce her back

  Thanks again to everyone.


Terry Sikes <tdsikes at prodigy.net> wrote:
  Tried posting this yesterday, but my e-mail wasn't working.

Chantel had some more surgery done Monday and they took out one of the rods
and replaced it with a smaller rod and replaced 1 screw because they thought
it might have been pressing on the nerve that runs to her right leg. She
felt a great deal better almost right away. Today she has almost all the
feeling back in her right leg, with only a spot or two that is numb and the
Dr. tells her that as the swelling goes down in the incision area that
should also return to normal. She can also move the right leg a lot farther
than she could yesterday and she can walk more normally now.

Tonight when I went by to visit her she was doing a lot better and was all
smiles and feeling better. She said she was also finally able to get a good
sleep last night. We are hoping she might be released to come home late
tomorrow or Thursday.


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