[Loch-Ruadh] Gulf War Reservations

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The info you have for me is correct, except that
Mel will probably share my tent (two people for
the tent instead of one). Just FYI.


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Hello Again!

Below I have listed everyone that is attending Gulf War and camping with
Loch Ruadh as well as the tent sizes of each person. Please verify the
information and let me know if there is an error, or if there are additional
tents/ez-ups that i need to know about for you. I need a response on this by
Monday night (the 5th) so that I can have time to make up the maps to bring
for everyone to look at during populace meeting on Wednesday.

Those with Paid Reservations complete:
Name:                                      Tent Size:

Constance Culvern               10x20                          10x10
Vigulf Brokenaxe                   10x20
Brighid & Bear                       10x20                          10x10
Rolf & Sybil                            10x20                          10x10
Penny Boyd                            10.5x15
Gruffydd (Dad)                      14x10                          10x10
Alric & Fiona                          10x20
                         10x10 – 2
Padraig                                    bunking w/Polydore
Polydore                                  11x17
Alex & Kat & Mel                  10x20                          10x10
Duckie & Robbie                    15x20
Gabby & Sluggy                     10x20                          10x10
Terrence                                  10x20
Chantel & 2 kids                     w/Terrence
Elizabeth                                 10x20
Kaz, Antonia, et al                  10x20

Still uncertain:
Wendy & 3 kids                      12x15 – 2

Thanks everyone for your help!

Loch Ruadh Camp Coordinator

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