[Loch-Ruadh] Weekend Trip to Gulf War Site

Pádraig Ruad Ó Maolagáin padraig_ruad at irishbard.org
Wed Feb 7 14:29:54 PST 2007

Terrence wrote:
> Would it be any kind of an idea to go and install only a "frame" gateway
> and sign that can be taken down later in lieu of the full gate?
>   Terrence

“Towers” for Temporary Loch Ruadh Gateway at Gulf War
(These could be set up when we arrive for War)

Materials Needed

8 	6’ 2”x4”s
1	8’x4’ sheet of 1/4" plywood (for crosspieces and crenellated tops)
	Grey fabric (enough to cover 2 2’x2’x6’ forms)
2-3	Broad indelible felt-tipped black markers (for drawing the “mortar”
lines on the fabric)
2	Spiral anchors
8	Eye screws
	Thin rope or cord
80	Wood screws (1” to 1 1/2” long)
	Grey paint

I will provide the spiral anchors, eye screws and rope/cord.  Anyone else
want to contribute?

Method:  For each tower, make 2 2’x6’ sides each consisting of 2 2”x4”s
and 2 1’x2’ rectangles of plywood.  Cut 8 more 1’x2’ rectangles of plywood
to be used later to assemble side into the tower frames.  Cut 4 6”x2’ and
4 6”x2’ 1/2” rectangles.  Cut 2 3”x4 3/4” crenellations from the long side
of each of these pieces.  They will be affixed to the tops of the towers.

Paint the crenellated top pieces grey.  (Probably not a bad idea to paint
the frameworks as well)

Measure and cut the fabric to fit the frames.  Measure and draw mortar
lines on the fabric (make the “bricks” about 1’x2’).  (NOTE:  This
actually takes longer than just about any of the other steps.)

The towers will be assembled on site at Gulf War.  Using 4 of the 1’x2’
plywood pieces, attach 2 of the pre-made sides to make a 2’x2’x6’
framework.  Repeat for the other tower.  Install an eye screw on the
inside of each leg of the frame, about 2’-3’ up.  Screw the spiral anchors
into the ground where the towers will sit and set the frames over them.
Run the rope/cord through the eye screws and attach it to the anchors to
hold the frames in place.  Use the staplegun to attach the fabric to the
frames.  Screw the crenellation pieces to the top edge.


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