[Loch-Ruadh] Emergency Gate Building

Terry Sikes tdsikes at prodigy.net
Sun Feb 11 19:45:34 PST 2007

Update on the gate building.

I showed up late at about 2 PM but it was just me and
Alric.  We went to Lowe's and bought some 1/4" plywood
and 2x4's and some hardware.  Back at Alric's he
figured out the dimensions we needed to cut the
lumber.  Elizabeth and Big Guy arrived with a truck
load of lumber that we also used.  

We cut the lumber so that we made 6 2x4 squares sized
so that the 2ft. by 8 ft. plywood would fit edge to
edge with four 8ft. 2x4's running top to bottom. We
also cut out crenelations in the top edge of the
plywood.  We screwed the squares and 2x4's together
for 1 tower and put it on top of Alric's trailer.

We still need to screw together the other tower.  We
were planning to complete both frames and take them
with us to GW.  Once there we will screw the plywood
to the towers.  We need to paint the plywood sometime
and we also need to put poles out of the top of the
towers for the banner and for a cross piece.

--- Alric and Fiona <sidhe01 at swbell.net> wrote:

> Remember folks
> We have an emergency/temporary gate building session
> today at 1 pm.
> Alric
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