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Thank you for having given Peanut such a wonderful life during his "puppy 
golden years". Y'all we're wonderful in taking him in and giving him a 
wonderful home when one of my patients was no longer able to care for him 
when he had to enter a nursing home. Without y'alls love Peanut would have 
become just another stastic, but thanks to y'all he wasn't.

My heartfelt thanks go to you both for giving him the love he needed in his 
elder years, and my heart goes out to you both as I know y'all loved Peanut 
dearly and his passing is indeed sad.


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>A few of you have met Peanut, our oldest doggie.
> After a weekend of TLC, we took him the vet yesterday afternoon and
> verified, as we feared, that it would be kindest to release him. His
> little liver had just worn out after about 15 years.
> The wonderful people at Pine Hill Pet Cemetery in Bowie had his spot
> ready when we arrived. We had a short service for him and put him to
> rest with playmates DooDoo, Pootie and Kaela.
> Gabby & Sluggy

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