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ok let's try this AGAIN...........
  Dearest Historians of Ansteorra,
  I had (and have) many dreams for this office. One is about to come true. 
  For many years, I have dreamed of having a display of the History of the Gulf Wars at that event. This is now about to come true. I have been in contact with the Gulf War autocrat, Sir Godwin of Eddington, and his staff. They have promised some space for a display this year at the War. I have been in contact with the Historian for Meridias, and HL Barbara of Sterling is planning her display. I have yet to get a reply from Glenn Ahbann or Trimarius but hope is not yet lost. If you plan on coming to the War, I hope you will come by and visit the display which we intend to have available to the public starting on Tuesday and closing on Friday afternoon. It will be small this year, just one table for each of the involved Kingdoms, but it is a start and I hope it will become an intrigral part of the fun of Gulf Wars in the future. 
  Here is my need. My office is rich in paper but poor in pictures. I would like to have a few (no more than 10 or so) pictures of each year of the War, especially the early years from Gulf War I through 5. I am not a picture taker and although I attended the first 11 GW without a break, I have no pictures from my stays. 
  If you have a few pictures in your personal collections that might meet my need, please contact me privately at annescvb at gmail.com I promise to take great care with your possessions. You may get them to me either before I leave for the war or at the war itself. Any help in this way would be so appreciated. 
  I also would like someone from the early years who might still have one of the original Ansteorran war tabards to lend it for the display. I don't mind stains or rips for these were won with honor. I think this would be a great contribution. Please contact me as above. Until then, I remain... 
  Forever in Service,
  Mst. Annes
  Kingdom Historian

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