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Kathy dkv250 at sbcglobal.net
Tue Feb 27 19:38:50 PST 2007

  Thanks for the info. We'll definitely have to get more info on this potential change. I would imagine that calling the City of benbrook would get us an update. I'll check into it.

Anna Floyd <amacfer at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
  Did anyone besides me catch the news story on TV { 5 } that said they were going to start charging $3.00 a car to use the areas out at Benbrook Lake? Does this mean the area where we hold fighter practice and archery practice ? Sounded to me like it did as they said they were going to charge bike riders $1.00 each also. I bring this up because we probably need to check it out before the Populace meeting so if we need to dicuss it we will have all the facts.We had about a dozen cars at the last fighter practice. {Estimate, I didn't count them.]Would this cut down on the number of people coming out to practices? Does anyone know who we would cotact to get all the facts. Benbrook? People at the lake? I'm not an officer of the Shire but I thought this could affect our practices. Anna 
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