[Loch-Ruadh] Question about glass, and trying to do something with it I shouldn't (A&S types, I'm lookin at you!)

Crystal Dozier floriablackdragon at sbcglobal.net
Fri May 4 10:04:35 PDT 2007

the only thing i can think of is to fire each piece with clear glass on top of your stoneware and if you attach something to each of the sides of the pieces so the glass doesn't run off (kind of like making a form for concrete or soap and then you take the boards away) then you can glue all the pieces together. i melt glass in the bottoms of pieces, but that's the catch - it's the bottom. the only thing is i can't think of anything you could use that wouldn't either burn up in the kiln or become permanantly attached.
  let me know what you end up doing - i'm curious to how it comes out.
Adam Harrison <concrete_donkey at yahoo.com> wrote:
  Greetings all,

I have backed myself into a corner with regards to a
ceramics project I'm working on, and so far my mundane
resources have failed me; so I'm turning to you guys
for information.

Basically, what I'm trying to do is take a piece of
stoneware and cover the top of it with glass so it
looks like it's covered in a sheet of ice.

I'm looking for something more than just a clear
glaze, something that has some actual depth to
it--rather than something that looks like the top of
the hunk of stoneware.

The specifics make the situation a bit more untenable.

The hunk of stoneware is currently in 10 sections. 
They're going to be glued together in some way before
this final surface treatment is applied. I haven't
been able to find any sort of adhesive that can
survive high temperatures, so a glass kiln firing is

I've tried heating some glass with a torch over some
test pieces, and the largest problem I'm having with
that approach is the glass is heating unevenly and is
cracking. It's also not conforming to the shape of
the clay as much as I'd like it to, and by that I
mean, pretty much not conforming at all.

I also tried fiberglass, which worked better, but
comes out with a green color (refraction, duh,
right?). Green=bad, clear=good. So, that's out.

The piece of ceramic, when finished, will be an arch
shape that's about 3 feet long.

So far, everyone I've talked to hasn't been able to
figure out how to do what I want to do. In fact,
nobody has been able to come up with any reasonable
suggestions whatsoever. I'm stubborn, and I'm certain
there is a way to do this.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

The other caveat to all of this is that it needs to be
completed by Tuesday morning. joy.

Thank you,
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