[Loch-Ruadh] Medieval Scotland Lives at the Texas Scottish Festival

Ceatta o Gulcleth ceatta at flash.net
Tue May 15 20:00:22 PDT 2007

At the
Texas Scottish Festival

June 1 - 3, 2007

The Texas Scottish Highland Games are coming up very soon (June 1-3, 2007,
the weekend after Steppes Warlord).  Passes for all those who have told me
they are able to work are available.  

All we ask is a couple or hours of your time for this.  Ask anyone who has
been there - and see if you really want to miss it.

We will need help setting up on Friday, June 1, starting at 12 noon at the
shed.  Please let me know if you are willing to help and to be of service to
your Barony.

We will need the following:

	*	Arts and Sciences static demo displays
	*	Arts and Sciences dynamic displays (spinning, weaving,
gaming, music and bardic are excellent choices)
	*	Fighters (both Heavy and Light) to bring in the crowds
	*	Heralds to tell the mundanes what is going on
	*	Bards, games, dancers, and musicans to entertain us all
	*	Water-bearers to get us healthy
	*	At least 2 (two) large pavilions to provide shade

There will be food and drinks for all who participate.

This is a list of people that have told me they would be there, what days
they will be there, and if they can bring something for the A&S.  We still
need fighters.

	Volunteer For	
Name	Sat 	Sun	Load	Tear	Display	
Ceatta o Gulcleth	A	A	Y	Y		
Darius of the Bells	A	A	Y	Y	Y	
Rosalia di Bellavita	A	A		Y	Y	
Elspeth de Stervlen	A	A	Y	Y		
Gerhart Wolfgang der Roj	A	A	Y	Y		
Gavin the Younger (13)	A	A	Y	Y		
Caelin	A	A	Y	Y		
Pyro	A	A	Y	Y	Y	
Daire de Haya	A	A	Y	Y		
Calien (10)	A	A				
Don Alaric 	A	A				
Augestina	A	A			Y	
Aislyn	A	A				
Fearghus	A	A				
Daniel Stewart	A	A				
Zoe 	A	A				
Deloris of Elfsea	A	A				
Daniel of Cameroon	A	A	Y			
Aeryn	A	A			Y	
Duke Jonathan	A	A				
Richard	A	A				
Jonathan	A	A				
Duchess Willow	A	A			Y	
Anistashia	A	A				
Tristan	A	A				
1 miscreant	A	A				
2 miscreant	A	A				
3 miscreant	A	A				
4 miscreant	A	A				
Adelaide	A	A				
Crandall	A	A				
Rosmerryn Carew 	A	A				
Luciana Caterina	A	A				
Constance	A	A				
Constance + 1	A	A				
Airklee 	A	A				
Cainwen	A	A				

If I have left anyone off the list, pleas contact me a.s.a.p. at
ceatta at flash.net.

I will have tickets at the next Business Meeting and at Steppes Warlord.

In Service to Our Great Barony, Baron and Baroness,
Lord Ceatta
Elfsea Demo Coordinator Emeritus
aliquantulus ferment nunquam vulnero quisquam
(a little ferment never hurt anyone)
Ceatta at flash.net

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