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Mon May 28 19:54:59 PDT 2007

So sorry about all the mishaps, but all that matters is the two of you are


Terrence wrote:

We had been planning to come out Saturday evening
after the wedding, but unfortunately our babysitter
was still hungover from the bachelorette party the
night before and was in no condition to babysit
Saturday night.  We finally got her to come over
Sunday afternoon and I looked up the schedule on line
and it said closing court was 7 PM.  We got out there
around 6:30 but there were only about 3 or 4 groups
there and they were packing up.  We used the
opportunity to have a nice dinner just the two of us.

The wedding was pretty hilarious, but at least it
didn't rain on us in the hour and a half we were at
the park in Terrell.  Padraig can probably tell you a
few of the funnier parts.  The photographer backed
out, the flowers never showed up, the bridesmaid was
drunk, the rings almost didn't get there, the cake
almost didn't get there.  We got married though and we
both are still glowing.  I was wanting to have a tiny
no frills wedding  but it kind of got taken out of my
hands.  Thank you to all those that I wanted to invite
and deserved to be invited, but I didn't in the
interest of making the wedding as inexpensive as
possible.  We both care for you all very much and hope
to see you all very soon.

Terrence and Chantel

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