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Greetings and Salutations Goode Gentles!

I am sorry that this 2nd posting is so late, but mundane matters have kept
me from this darling machine.

Tonight (in about 3+ hours), we will once again host the competition for
the cloak of Kragenworth Keep.  Master Darius, the current holder of the
cloak, has requested that those competing use original period or
period-style pieces that you have written or admire.

Bardic is held at 6801 Beaty St., Fort Worth, at 7:30 PM, SCA time.  We
ask that you bring your bardic materials, a beverage of choice, food to
share and a chair.

Directions:  Take your best route to EAST Loop 820 and exit at Craig St.,
1 exit SOUTH of Meadowbrook Dr.  Go EAST on Craig to Hunter, approx. 6
blocks.  Go NORTH on Hunter to the "T" intersection with Beaty.  We are a
gray house with reddish brick on the NE side of the intersection.  There
will be banners and lanterns on the porch.  If you get lost, please call
817-492-9246 and we will guide you to the house.

We look forward to seeing you here, so if you can't be at Crown Tourney,
please join us!

In Service to the Dream,

Ly. Gwenllian Brighid Hertewelle and Ld. Tarkus Penngriff

BTW:  If you are on the Steppes list, would you kindly forward this
missive to it?  Thank you!

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