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Dana sca004 at sbcglobal.net
Tue Oct 23 04:23:55 PDT 2007

Caerell please keep up the effort you are putting into the web pages.

I am impressed with the Calendar and the options you have made available to
us. It meets both the needs of those wanting to see a list of activities and
those of us that wanted to see a good old fashioned calendar. The
descriptions are a great addition for our newcomers.

I have played around in the OP and it is neat the way you can click on an
award and it shows everyone in Loch Ruadh that has that award or you can
pull up all of the awards that someone has so far...makes writing award
rec's much easier.

I agree with Bice, the lighter colors are much easier on my eyes.

Do I think it can look better...heck yes. I believe we will see color
changes as well as added graphics as the bigger bugs are worked out. I know
Caerell had talked about looking through the pictures from Alric and Fiona's
trip to Scotland and Bear and Brighid's trip to Ireland to find some
pictures to use.

If you see or think of something that you would like to see or think would
improve on our web pages talk to Caerell, he will see what he can do.

I believe officer pages are ready for you to let him know what links and
other information you want on those pages. I think the Chamberlain will ask
for a link to places where you can hire day laborers. The autocrats and set
up or tear down coordinators will have (at their finger tips) the
information they need to see if they can afford to hire out the loading, set
up, tear down and the unloading for our events.


Caerell wrote:

I have been working on the website for several months at the request of the
Chronicaler...here are my thoughts...

If the majority of the Shire wants the old web site back up...I will restore
it and remove all of my CRAP from it and stop trying to put forth an effort
to make the web site easier to use and a more useful tool and make the shire
more enticing to the those who come looking for information on the shire and
the SCA.

1.  The colors are not set in stone, I am using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
If you have better colors in mind please let me know.

2. As for the lighter colors, they are easier on the eyes and make the site
easier to read. Black Background is very hard to read, the same as a picture

3. I could not find a good place for the castle picture...besides it is
stretched and distorted and doesn't look good with the current background
color...so I left it off for now...I hope to replace it with something that
better represents the group. If there are any graphic artist's who want to
make a banner that represents Loch Ruadh, I would be glad to work it into
the web site.

4. I am still working on some issues with the coding (JavaScript) that are
causing some image to not display as well as MSIE issues that cause it to
not read updates to the website...other browsers do not seem to have the
same issues.

5. Yes, Charlie Brown's shirt does have a Fess Dancity, Just like the Loch
Ruadh Badge.

Caerell MacDomnaill

Don't Forget the Chronicler Office is Open for Bid...If you think you can do
a better job then put your bid where you mouth is.

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