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thanks   i would not even think of not making angels  part of history work 

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> Aingeal certainly makes many good points.  All in all, I think that I 
> to side with the Old Wolf, though.  I, too, think that we are totally 
> the mark.  Populace meetings are for business, not necessarily of  great 
> interest to newcomers.  There is plenty of time to bore them with our 
> trifles once they are caught up in the game.  I did not seek the  SCA to
find a 
> political venue.  I came for King Arthur.  I wanted the  chance to escape
> the mundanity of my life.  It was the costumes, the  pageantry, the
> the chivalry, and the persona play that enraptured  me.  That is what
> people into our game.  This is why Fighter  Practice can be the most
> weapon in the arsenal for drawing in  newcomers, and in keeping them. 
> utilized properly, Fighter Practice  can be a free demo for the SCA.  We
used to 
> bring whatever we were working  on every week to practice, and it was a 
> social event as well.  We tried to  wear garb even if we were only
spectators, and 
> talk to people who would  curiously approach our strange entourage.  We
>  in so many people  that way.  Holding it near the University of Colorado 
> didn't hurt,  either.  In fact, in winter our fighter practice was inside
> field house  at the University stadium.  I agree that you have to invest
a lot of 
> time  inducting newcomers to the game, and that it takes a lot of
> for  younger recruits.  But I do believe that persona play and forsooth
> play an important part, too.  We are so much more than just a medieval  
> interest group.  We have the opportunity to bring history to life, and 
to entice 
> others to join us by making it look like fun.  There  have been those
> events where I felt completely transported to another  place in time, and
it is 
> because of those that I still play.  Well, that  and the fact that I have
> where else to wear these funny clothes.
> M. Caterina 
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