[Loch-Ruadh] Populace meeting notes

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Fri Sep 7 11:48:05 PDT 2007

As requested, below are the notes from Populace meeting on Wednesday. 
Exchequer will not issue checks except at Populace and Officers meetings; need 72 hours advance notice to have a check ready at one of these times; exceptions can be made for emergencies on a case by case basis
Fian Ruadh:
Aingeal is the new commander 
Fian Ruadh practice is tentatively set to be the second Sunday of each month in conjunction with Elfsea's practice at Trinity Park @5pm.
The Fian Ruadh charter needs to be updated. This will be discussed at the Fian Ruadh meet & greet on 10/13.
Shire Library:
Aingeal & Caterina both volunteered space in their homes to house the Shire library. It voted on and decided to house it at Aingeal & Caerell's house. Due to the size of the library it was decided that 3 bookcases are needed. The Seneschal will be pricing bookcases and everyone is encouraged to do so as well and bring your findings to Officers meeting where we will vote on which ones to purchase.
Gulf War Gate Trip:
Date for trip has been moved to October 19-21 because more workers were available that weekend.
A demo coming up in December was discussed. It is sponsored by the Shire of Seawinds and is at a Ren faire called Enchanted Forrest. Looks like it could be fun.
Knight Marshall & Chronicler's offices are opening up for bids at next months Populace meeting. Those individual officers will be doing a brief talk on the responsibilities of their office at next months meeting.
Event Date Change Discussion:
Handouts on the pros and cons of moving our event to October and showing all the events that have occurred or will occur in October from 2005 to 2008 were passed out. It was suggested that we should not change the date and the venue in the same year. The possibility of pushing the change to 2009 to allow more planning was also mentioned. It was also suggested to talk with merchants and to continue talking with other groups who have their events in October and see what the challenges may be. It was mentioned that Graywood moved their event back to being opposite Gothic War because they could not get a good draw on the second weekend of October. Seneschal is checking into availability at current location later in October 2008 and also for October 2009. There will be a vote at October's Populace meeting to decide on whether to move the event. 
Anyone who wants copies of the handouts can email me and I will forward them to their personal email address.
September Calendar:
9/16 - Fighter/Archery Practice @ Dutch Branch Park @ 1:30
9/8 - Banner workshop @ Aingeal's @ 10am
9/9 - Fian Ruadh practice @ Trinity park @ 5pm
9/17 - Scribes & Illuminators @ Fiona & Alrics @ 7pm
9/19 - Officers @ IHOP on Alta Mesa
9/22 - Bardic @ Elfsea Defender
9/30 - Bowyers & Fletchers @ Tegwared & Catrin's @ 1:30pm
9/31 - Brewers Guild @ Alric & Fiona's @ 1pm
Officer Reports:
Had a survey for everyone to fill out regarding what they are interested in learning and their current knowledge, whether they would be willing to teach a class, what they would like to see for classes, etc...
Banner workshop on 9/8 at Aingeal's house starting 10am.
Dad is officially authorized! yay! Since Gulf War trip was moved Archery practice on 9/16 is back on.
Knight Marshall:
Since Gulf War trip was moved Fighter Practice on the 16th is back on.
We lost $15.27 on Lughnasad this year. If anyone donated money or items please let Exchequer know what and how much so we can have an accurate accounting. 
Nothing to report
New person meet & greet scheduled for 10/9 at 7pm at Aingeal's
We had 1 new person at Gothic
Due to mundane issues the Scarlett Letter is a bit late. Should be up by Friday.
Submissions for the next issue are due by October 20th.
Still missing Sluggy's 1/2 ton press and Fian Ruadh Baldrics. Can everyone please check their stuff and see if these things might be there. Please return them if you find them.

In Service,
Be without fear in the face of your enemies.
Be brave and upright that God may love thee.
Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death.
Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong.

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