[Loch-Ruadh] Fian Ruadh Practice Alert

Baron Rozell SquireConor at verizon.net
Mon Sep 10 17:25:22 PDT 2007

It went okay. Loch Ruadh fielded two fighters (Me and Brighid) and Aingeal,
Caerell, and Alric showed up to give their support. We got in about an hour
of fighting before the lightning came. There's something about being dressed
in metal in an open field that just doesn't go well with lightning. So,
practice was called off.

On a similar note, Next Saturday is the unofficial practice in DFT. We'll be
headed down there. So, if you (or anyone else) want to get some fighting in
come down to DFT. We'll be getting started at 2pm and going until everyone
gets tired or dinner. Which ever comes first.

If you need the address again, it's:
Wolvens place
2080 Country Road 351 
Stephenville, TX 76401-8646

-Conor / Bear

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On Sun, 2007-09-09 at 09:30 -0700, Brighid Mac wrote:
> I was just informed that the time for Fian Ruadh Practice is actually
2:00pm today, instead of 5pm.

So, after stirring everything up, we didn't even make it!

How'd it go?


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