[Loch-Ruadh] Fian Ruadh Practice Alert

Baron Rozell SquireConor at verizon.net
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It should be fun. There should be at least a few of us in armor. At Gothic,
Sir Tomas was talking about making it a regional practice but I haven't seen
any postings about it. So, who knows. I think if we can get a decent showing
of fighters we can have melee practice as well as individual practice.

Don't forget there's a swimming pool too. So bring your swim suits too. The
pool should feel great after fighting. 


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--- Baron Rozell <SquireConor at verizon.net> wrote:

> We got in about an hour of fighting before the 
> lightning came. There's something about being 
> dressed in metal in an open field that just 
> doesn't go well with lightning. So, practice 
> was called off.

Probably better that we didn't bring the lightning

> On a similar note, Next Saturday is the unofficial
> practice in DFT.

Sounds like great fun and we are both planning to be
there, even if Gabby may not be able to do much due to
that bum foot. We have armor things to show off, too
and maybe by then, *more* armor things to show off...


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