[Loch-Ruadh] [Elfsea] A Battle Lost

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This made me cry.  It touched me deeply.  I well remember Artair and especially Rose, who was so sweet and gentle when a toddling Brighid came to visit.  This is a very fitting tribute, and I hope you will add this to your works online so that others can appreciate it as well.


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>Like many others, I fondly recall the many opportunities I had to visit
>with Artair and Rose at events, and it seems I always came away with some
>something new about Celtic history that I learned fron Artair.  He will
>always be part of the tapestry of the SCA to me.
>In honor of this good man's life, I humbly offer this sonnet.
>For Artair
>Alas!  No more shall feather'd arrow fly
>Through crystal air, released by bow of yew
>And for the archer lost, each friend must cry
>For absence now of this companion true
>No more the teacher, guiding with a word
>Transfiguring the tree to polished bow
>But apprentices still to the workshop spurred
>To use and spread the knowledge he did sow
>Gone is the storyteller, far away
>To where we cannot hearken to his lore
>But eager, we had heard what he did say
>And knowing, shall remember evermore
>All must pass; some to obscurity
>The finest shall live on in memory

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