[Loch-Ruadh] Lughnasad List results

Terry Sikes tdsikes at prodigy.net
Sat Aug 16 10:22:14 PDT 2008

I am not sure on the other categories, but here is
what I can glean from the books on A&S.

In Adult A&S Anika Der Grat got the Populace vote for
her chain maille pieces.  We had 8 entries.

In Children's A&S Wolfhart Der Grat won the Populace
vote for his Gillies shoes.  We had 2 entries.

In Out of Period, Sorta (OOPs)we had 12 entries.  If
the numbers circled are the populace count, Meryan der
Grat won for her mug covers.

I was a little too far to hear the names of the Judges
entries, but I think one of them was Annabelle
Fitzsimmons for her chemise with blackwork.

Caterina, can you verify this for me and add the other


--- Caerell MacDomnaill <caerell at charter.net> wrote:

> Does any one have a complete list of the winners of
> all of the Activities,
> I have the Titled Bard, Chivalric Rapier and Archery
> List winners.
> I need the A&S, KAS and any others for listing on
> the Web site.
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> Laird Caerell Mac Domnaill
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