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I was a  little too far to hear the names of the Judges
entries, but I think one of  them was Annabelle
Fitzsimmons for her chemise with  blackwork.

Caterina, can you verify this for me and add the  other

Yes, HL Annabelle Fitzsimmons won the Adult A&S with her blackwork  chemise, 
which was lovely and entirely hand constructed.
The OOPS winner was Lady Stephanie Lilburn for her single beam woodworking  
The Youth A&S was also won by Wolfhart der Grat for his Irish  Gillies.
We also discussed adding a category for Masking the Mundane, which would  
pertain specifically to mundane items disguised in some way to appear more  
Another item of discussion was to have future entries in the OOPS category  
to tell us what it was that caused their entry to qualify as an OOPS (for  
example, non-period paint, etc.)

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