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PBW PBW_RN at charter.net
Mon Aug 25 08:09:31 PDT 2008

At work last night a fellow nurse and I were talking about the rising costs 
of gasoline (who would have ever thought we would be glad to see prices DOWN 
but still over $3 a gallon?!?!) and food and how its hard to make ends meet 
in todays economy. She mentioned that as a nurse she did not qualify for 
federal/state assistance and as a single mom w/ kids at home she was 
struggling and living pay check to pay check just to make ends meet. Seems 
most of us are these days unfortunately. She mentioned something that 
warranted a second look on the Internet from me. She said she gets a weekly 
"food box" from a group called Angel Food Ministries. It's not a food 
pantry, rather it's a pre-order pre-set menu driven cost effective way for 
groups (mostly churches) to assist folks in getting groceries. There is not 
any qualifying for this; you simply fill out the order form, turn it in, 
then pick up your food boxes. Anyone can get boxes from them. My friend 
swears by this group (she has been buying from them for close to a year now) 
and says for $30 (for a "basic" box) she gets close to $100 (based on 
average store prices) worth of fresh groceries. I am listing the link to the 
main web page. I looked at it and was pretty impressed with what they have 
to offer to communities. Thought maybe it would benefit someone else if I 
passed this information along. http://www.angelfoodministries.com/

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