[Loch-Ruadh] Planning for Gulf War Gate and Land Trip

Kaz kaz.od.wolin at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 08:59:51 PST 2008

Please reply to this email if you are DEFINITELY going on the land trip
January 18-20. It is now time to get firm commitments and hold people's feet
to the fire as we are only two weeks away. We will need a MINIMUM of 6
workers - little to no heavy lifting will be required for the gate work,
just lots of bending and passing of cement soaked rags.

I may be taking an additional day off on the 21st so that I can stay and
finish up detail work on Sunday. This is not required as the main work day
will be Saturday. The plan is to travel Friday, work Saturday and travel

If this plan has changed since populace, please let me know as I was unable
to attend.

Lord Kazimierz of Loch Ruadh
(Kaz, Lord Sinister to my "friends")
Knight Marshal of Loch Ruadh

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