[Loch-Ruadh] Planning for Gulf War Gate and Land Trip

Polydore polydore at ntbb.net
Thu Jan 10 03:31:23 PST 2008

I have asked for the day off... but they never answer more thank about 3 
days ahead of time.
Should not be a problem this time of year

Terry Sikes wrote:
> My boss just gave me final ok for that weekend.  Should be going.
>   Terrence
> Kaz <kaz.od.wolin at gmail.com> wrote:
>   Please reply to this email if you are DEFINITELY going on the land trip
> January 18-20. It is now time to get firm commitments and hold people's feet
> to the fire as we are only two weeks away. We will need a MINIMUM of 6
> workers - little to no heavy lifting will be required for the gate work,
> just lots of bending and passing of cement soaked rags.
> I may be taking an additional day off on the 21st so that I can stay and
> finish up detail work on Sunday. This is not required as the main work day
> will be Saturday. The plan is to travel Friday, work Saturday and travel
> Sunday.
> If this plan has changed since populace, please let me know as I was unable
> to attend.

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