[Loch-Ruadh] Gulf War gate land trip

Dana sca004 at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jan 15 14:48:48 PST 2008

The Gulf War Gate Fund has the proceeds from the "Guess How Many Water
Bottles It Took To Fill The Big Blue Pants" Raffle at Lughnasad of  $147.00.
All requests for funds from this account require approval from the

Shire funds cannot be used for the Gulf War Gate. Those funds need to come
from donations or specific fund raisers for the gate.

*¨¨*:.(¯`'.¸ Dana ¸.'´¯) .:*¨¨*

Kaz wrote:
Thanks to everyone who is making the effort to go on this trip. Please note
that the Gate Fund, Dana please correct me if I am wrong, is out of money.
Therefore, gas, food and lodging are on the participants own dime. I will
cover all of my expenses and those travelling seperately can split
expenses as they see fit. I will have the RV and it's kitchen available for
everyone to use.

If you load at my house, I won't be there. I am working until 11 on Friday.

I need someone to bring at least 1, 16ft ladder or larger although 2 would
be great. Smaller ladders will also be useful, just not for reaching the top
of the structure. I will bring the necessary concrete and sand, the
wheelbarrow and plenty of nitrile gloves. We also need several bags of
fescue grass seed and yard tools, i.e. shovels and rakes, for general site
work. Terrence, have you verified that we will have water and electricity
turned on?

The weather is going to be COLD most of the time. According to weather.com,
Saturday will range from 27 to 51 degrees. Because of the extreme low
temperature, we may need to add another cement coat with burlap to the
structure at a later time. This is because cement takes longer to cure at
low temperatures. Depending on how long the curing process takes, we could
see cracking, chipping or just plain failure to cure properly. We, as a
Shire, are taking a risk with this and I want everyone aware of these risks
BEFORE the trip is made. We should have enough burlap for a second coat. If
not, we will need the Shire to allocate additional funds for the Gate Fund.

I look forward to seeing all participants on site late Friday or early
Saturday. Thanks again for taking the time and expense to support the Shire
and the Dream.

Lord Kazimierz of Loch Ruadh
(Kaz, Lord Sinister to my "friends")
Knight Marshal of Loch Ruadh

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