[Loch-Ruadh] wake

Polydore polydore at ntbb.net
Mon Jul 7 20:39:53 PDT 2008

Yup, you should have been there instead!

Let me introduce the 2 new vikings...
one Saxon dog / silly Celt / Viking by the name of Halfdun Dogson
& one Spanish-Viking-Magician by the name of Pedro Snorrison

this news brought to you by Skully, the dead

Klfrench1023 at aol.com wrote:
> I'm so sorry that I missed the party--sounds like way more fun than we  had.  
> I had to rush my son Beau to the ER, and it turned out that he had a  gall 
> bladder full of stones and infection.  They wanted to admit him for  surgery, 
> but he left AMA because it turns out that he wasn't supposed to be at  our 
> house, but on a fishing trip to a lake close by (his weekend pass was  restricted 
> by miles).  He went back on Sunday, and I heard from him this  morning--the 
> military hospital released him yet again with a shot of Phenergan  and 
> anti-diarrhea pills without scanning his belly.  He is supposed to be  going to a 
> civilian hospital today, and hopefully they will remove the time bomb  in his belly 
> before it explodes and kills him.  Sunday we found out that  Belle is allergic 
> to peanuts, and my son (who went to Pharmacy tech school)  formulated the 
> correct dosage of Benadryl for her to combat the reaction.   No anaphylaxis, 
> thank God, but that could develop if she has it again.  
> I hope you raised a glass for me at the party--Lord knows I could have used  
> a drink this weekend.
> Caterina

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