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Fri Jul 11 05:46:37 PDT 2008

I spoke with Aleric and Fiona and the agreed to host the dragon making at their house too, so I thought we would just combine them at the same time.
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> Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 21:35:43 -0700> From: tdsikes at prodigy.net> To: loch-ruadh at lists.ansteorra.org> Subject: [Loch-Ruadh] Site Tokens> > I have now finished casting all the site tokens and we> need to schedule a day to have the site token> workshop. > > Alric and Fiona volunteered their place which would be> good since we may wind up getting metal filings on the> shop floor. I'm looking for someone to suggest a good> date and time.> > I will bring some metal files, a dremel tool, and some> metal brushes both to clean the files when they get> full of metal and also to brush the pewter to make it> look "antique." If you can also bring a dremel tool,> files, and metal brushes it would help. You might> also want to bring eye protection, a glove, and a pair> of pliers with soft jaws or tape over the jaws (pewter> gets hot when you use a dremel tool on it).> > Terrence> _______________________________________________> Loch-Ruadh mailing list> Loch-Ruadh at lists.ansteorra.org> http://lists.ansteorra.org/listinfo.cgi/loch-ruadh-ansteorra.org
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