[Loch-Ruadh] Hey Tom!

Terry Sikes tdsikes at prodigy.net
Sat Jul 12 09:32:58 PDT 2008

Hey Tom, 
  I'm not sure if I mentioned this company to you or not when we were talking about making the oven the other day.  The name of it is Canfield & Joseph.
  They are in Ft. Worth south of Hwy. 121 near Beach St.  They sell all kinds of materials to companies that have kilns and furnaces, including castable refractories (high temperature kiln linings), sodium silicate (binder in high temperature mortar), sand in all kinds of different grades and chemistry, fireclay, bentonite clay, kaolin clay, and tons (literally) of other stuff.
  This is probably a good source for anyone that does pottery, metal casting, brick making, forging metals, or anything that has work at high temperatures.

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