[Loch-Ruadh] Tuesday Night Fighter Practice

Pádraig Ruad Ó Maolagáin padraig_ruad at irishbard.org
Mon Jul 14 16:03:08 PDT 2008

Sorry to bring this up at the last minute, but Amber and I will not be
able to host the scheduled Tuesday night fighter practice at our house
tomorrow night, Tuesday the 15th.

The company I was working for reorganized, and my position was eliminated
last week.  Tomorrow I will be in Dallas at a seminar which hopefully will
lead to a new job.  Amber is also looking for a job, and may have to be at
an orientation class.  In the event that we are actually back by the
evening, we just found out today that there is a meeting of homeowners in
the Westpoint neighborhood where our old house is concerning gas well
drilling that we need to attend, so in any case, we won't be home.

Rolf, sorry about the short notice.  I will get with you later about
rescheduling for another Tuesday.

Nunc est bibendum.
Politicians prefer unarmed peasants.

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