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Man ... i cant wait until i grow up and be like our Bloody Baron :)

With deepest respects,
-- Cathal

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> Thank you for sharing.  It never fails to bring me a good laugh when
> stories like this are related.  Wouldn't you love to have heard what
> the other parents were thinking.
> Bicé
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> This is to add to the "you know your in the SCA when".....
>  These past two weeks at my youngest sons school. They have been doing
> Medieval studies.
>  He has brought to school drop spindles, two kinds of looms and various
> others items.
>  Today I left work early so that I could go and watch the jousting
> tournament and melees'. Watching the mock battles between teams, I hear
> Matthew yell " No head shots, I don't have a helm on". Yielding cardboard
> shield and a wrapping paper roll sword, he battles on.
>  How ever they tallied up points his team won. When they announced it he
> yelled
>  "Victory to Ansteorra, Vivat Anstoerra!. No one had a clue as to what he
> was yelling about.
>  As he came off the field I hold him he did good---"Of course" he says "we
> Ansteorrians don't take kindly to being invaded!"He did have a point there.
>  We were walking home with his Friend Andrew, Andrew told me he was Sir
> Lancelot. I asked Matthew who he was?  His reply; "I was The Bloody Baron,
> Baron Armanda, you know Alex's dad".
>  Need I say more.
>  Lady Meriyan
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