[Loch-Ruadh] in dire need of help

Terry Sikes tdsikes at prodigy.net
Fri Jun 13 12:07:29 PDT 2008

Sounds like another reason that I prefer to live
outside city limits.

Does the city of Ft. Worth store these things and
allow them to be picked up later for a storage fee or
anything.  Is there any chance we can help there?


--- Madelina de Lindesay <lymadelina at earthlink.net>

> It's too late at this point.  A college friend of
> mine came over last night and helped me move the
> anvil and swage block inside the house, but we
> couldn't manage to move the anvil bench, vise, band
> saw, or drill press.  I appreciate the offer,
> though.  I am heartsick at the knowledge that all
> Logan's tools are lost.  If his physical therapy is
> successful and he is able to hammer again one day, I
> doubt he will want to, as I doubt he will recover
> from the depression this is bound to cause.  I am
> just floored that the city can deem anything a
> nuisance and haul it off.
> Logan still has not managed to call, and I can't
> visit until tomorrow because inmates with last names
> beginning A - L can only have visitors on even
> numbered days of the week.  I called, and all I was
> able to find out is that he is being charged with
> four counts of aggravated assault.  I don't know
> when he will be arraigned, though probably not
> before Monday is my guess.  I don't know if they
> will even allow him to get out on bail or if I can
> afford it if they do.
> At this point, all that anyone can do is pray for me
> and my family.  And if you know the name of a good
> lawyer or bail bondsman, that might help, too.
> Many thanks,
> Madelina
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> >Madelina,
> >
> >Unfortunately, I didn't see this email until just
> now, about 9:30 Friday
> >morning, and I'm at work in Dallas.  Is there
> anything that can be done
> >this evening or tomorrow, or is it already too
> late?
> >
> >Padraig
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> >Madelina de Lindesay wrote:
> >> Does anyone have a current phone number for Erik
> Mustakaora, aka Ken
> >> Brown, Logan's sometime apprentice?  Failing
> that, is anyone willing to
> >> come move Logan's forge and other useful tools
> tonight?
> >>
> >> I ask because bright and early tomorrow morning,
> the city of Fort Worth is
> >> showing up with a working crew to remove anything
> from our backyard which
> >> they consider a "nuisance".  Today, they have
> already hauled off his tool
> >> rack containing many antique and hand made iron
> tools, his welder and
> >> acetelyne torches, and an electric sander, not to
> mention all his iron
> >> stock and other things too numerous to mention --
> except EVEN A KID'S
> >>
> >> As some of you may recall, Logan spent some time
> in jail about 11 years
> >> ago after arguing with a neighbor over her
> repeated calls to Code
> >> Enforcement.  While we doubt she is behind it
> this time, Logan did not
> >> endear himself to Code Enforcement back then, and
> they have been a
> >> constant thorn in our side ever since.
> >>
> >> Where is Logan in all this?  In jail, because he
> pulled a shotgun on the
> >> Code Enforcement guys and told them to get the
> hell off his property.
> >>
> >> They also put my dogs in the pound because the
> guys couldn't get into the
> >> backyard with the dogs there.  I was at work, or
> I would have put the dogs
> >> in the house.
> >>
> >> Feel free to call me at 817.721.8659 if you can
> help.
> >>
> >> Many thanks,
> >> Madelina
> >> aka Jane Sitton
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