[Loch-Ruadh] Gulf War arrivals

Pádraig Ruad Ó Maolagáin padraig_ruad at irishbard.org
Mon Mar 10 08:14:01 PDT 2008

Polydore and I arrived at Troll about 6:30 yesterday evening, and witht he
help of Rolf, Gryffydd, Vivian, and some good folks from House Arkam, soon
had the Viking tent up and everything unloaded.

We visited with Arkam until after 1 AM, when Cormac finally arrived -
Caerell said there had been road delays coming back from New Orleans (they
had to go over the 5 mile bridge - poor Aingeal!).  Cormac says he is
suffering from a bit of culture shock - very understandable, I think.

I will try to send a daily missive on the happenings at War - I have a
much better wireless connection for my laptop this year.  ;-)

Nunc est bibendum.
Politicians prefer unarmed peasants.

Dana wrote:
> Rolf, Anna and Seward have arrived on site and are busy setting up shop!!
> *¨¨*:.(¯`'.¸ Dana ¸.'´¯) .:*¨¨*

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