[Loch-Ruadh] Gulf War Missive - Day Six, Seven and Eight

Padraig Ruad O'Maolagain padraig_ruad at irishbard.org
Mon Mar 17 09:23:39 PDT 2008

Sorry this one is so late - after a week of dealing with work problems via 
cell phone and laptop computer, I couldn't convince myself to get the durned 
thing set up on Saturday and write another missive.

I never did armor up at War this year - I guess I should have left the armor 
at home.  Between what I suspect is bursitis in my right shoulder and still 
not being recovered from a bad case of lung congestion (Vivian kept asking 
me when I was going to finish coughing up a lung), I thought it better not 
to push myself physically.  I intend to be in better shape next year - 
Polydore and I have made a wager about who can lose 50 pounds first, and 
I'll deal with the shoulder if I have to bind it in duct tape.

There was a spattering of rain during the wee hours of Friday morning, not 
even enough to really wet the ground, so we got off lucky as the storm went 
around us.  It was very cloudy in the morning, but cleared off to mostly 
sunny by the afternoon.  I carefully perused Merchant's Row for gifts, as my 
funds are severely limited this year, and I want to make sure I got the most 
for my money.  Polydore and I stopped for one of our favorite meals at Gulf 
War, gyros from the vendor in the Merchant's Row food court, and they were 
excellent, as always.

You have already heard about Caerell's successes in A&S - I wish I had a 
picture of him, walking about two feet off the ground.  We all know how 
beautiful his bonework is, and it's nice to know that the Known World agrees 
with us.  His well-deserved honors at Gulf War are a confirmation of his 
skill and talent.  (Though I almost think he was happier about the pieces of 
ivory he received to do some work with - they are excellent materials, and I 
can't wait to see what he creates with them.)

The wedding that I had agreed to perform went off without a hitch.  It took 
place in front of the fort, with the groom and his best man in chain mail, 
and the bride resplendent in a beautiful Period gown.  Polydore, Vivian and 
Cormac accompanied me up to the fort to watch the ceremony, which went off 
very well.  (Thanks also to Cormac, for grabbing me a beer out of Aingeal 
and Caerell's cooler on the way there - my throat was parched and I might 
have been croaking out the ceremony if not for that nectar of the gods.)  We 
headed back to camp, so to get supper, and I to get changed so that I could 
attend Ansteorran Court.  We all managed to make it to Court, for as 
everyone know, there is no such thing as Court starting at the scheduled 
time.  While the rumor I reported on turned out not to take place, Court was 
still enjoyable - Aaron always holds a good Court, and never drags it out 
unnecessarily.  After Court, we spent another evening around the fire, 
watching the coals burn down into the early hours of Saturday morning.

Saturday morning was extremely windy, and we were glad we had taken the time 
to stake everything down well.  The winds continued until early afternoon, 
then tapered off somewhat.  We started preparing for our departure on 
Sunday, and took a last walk through the site.  Polydore and I stopped in at 
the Gode Bakery and sampled a couple of the types of sausage rolls they 
offer, among a goodly selection of tarts and cakes as well; both the kinds 
we tried were excellent.

I had signed up for another hour at the Green Dragon, and we went up there 
at 7:00pm.  The crowd was small, which I had expected for that time on 
Saturday evening, but as my hour progressed, more folk made their way to the 
tavern for the last evening of War.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and was 
asked by Sir Elesar if I had any CDs of my music that he could add to the 
collection that they play in the bard-in-a-box when there aren't live bards 
singing.  I promised him that I would have at least one by next War.  Master 
Efenwealt played and sang the next hour, so we stayed to listen and sing 
along on some tunes.  Efenwealt also asked me if I had recordings, so I 
guess I had better get busy and turn my study into a studio.  After 
Efenwealt, Don Mateo sang and played - I am pleased that this excellent bard 
has recently moved to Bjornsburg from Northshield to join his lady. 
Northshield's loss is most definitely Ansteorra's gain.  I'm sorry to say 
that I left Dragon anout halfway through Mateo's set, as the benches in the 
tavern were killing my backside and I couldn't sit there any longer.

We lit the campfire for the last time, and were visited by Louis and 
Colleen.  It being before midnight, I didn't sing Barnacle Bill to see if I 
could make Louis fall out of his chair.  We went to bed rather earlier than 
had been our wont for the week, as Vivian and Gruffydd had offered to treat 
us all to breakfast at the dining hall, nad we decided to get there as soon 
as they opened at 7:30am so we could get back to breaking camp as soon as 

Wonder of wonders, everyone managed to pry themsleves from their beds at the 
appointed hour - even Cormac, who had been out much later than the rest of 
us, but was coaxed out by the promise of coffee.  Breaking down and packing 
up went well, and though Polydore and I left later than we had hoped to, it 
would have been later still if not for the help that Cormac provided in 
getting the trailer loaded up and tied down.

All in all, it was another great Gulf War.  Here's hoping that many more 
folk will be able to make the trip next year!

Nunc est bibendum.
Politicians prefer unarmed peasants.

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